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📆 Course Dates: 28.04.2024 – 02.05.2024 

⏰ Timing: 09:30-16:30 with lunch and coffee breaks 

👥 Limited Spots: Small groups for personalized learning 

💵 Fees: 12,500.00 SAR 

🎓 Special Discounts: 15% off for Law Enforcement Agencies and Students 

🗣️ Language: Conducted in Arabic for optimal understanding 


Join us in Riyadh for the region’s top event in digital forensics! This groundbreaking course is designed to establish a robust foundation in the field, covering the science and core principles essential for digital forensics professionals. Prepare for hands-on training in Mobile, Hard Drive, Audio, and Video analysis, unveiling the secrets within digital devices and networks.

🚀 Why Choose This Training?

-Solid Foundation: Specifically tailored for beginners, this course builds a strong base in digital forensics, ensuring a deep understanding of core principles and techniques.

-Practical Skills:
The best preparation for upcoming hands-on learning ensures participants gain practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge.

-Expert Instruction:
Led by seasoned professionals in digital forensics, offering insights and experience to enhance learning.

-Career Advancement:
Ideal for those entering or progressing in digital forensics, providing foundational skills crucial for development and specialization.


🎓Who Should Join?

Perfect for:

– Law Enforcement Officers

– Aspiring Cybersecurity Enthusiasts

– IT Professionals Starting in Forensics

– Students with an Interest in Tech

– Career Changers Exploring New Opportunities


🔍Kickstart Your Digital Forensic Journey

– Build a Solid Foundation: Learn the basics and establish a strong foothold in digital forensics.

– Ease into Tech: Designed for easy understanding; no prior technical expertise is required.

– Connect with Peers: Join a community of like-minded beginners and grow together.


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 This enhanced version aims to create excitement and urgency, emphasizing the uniqueness of the event in Riyadh and the comprehensive nature of the training program.

  1. Overview of Digital Forensics: Definition and scope of digital forensics, and its role in law enforcement and cybersecurity.
  2. Digital Forensics Process: Detailed stages of the digital forensics process, including identification, preservation, collection, analysis, and reporting of digital evidence.
  3. Maintaining Data Integrity: Techniques for ensuring the integrity of data and devices throughout the forensic process.
  4. Understanding Hardware and Software Roles: How hardware and software are used in the creation and transfer of information, and their significance in forensics.
  5. Value of Digital Device Exploitation: The strategic importance of exploiting digital devices for intelligence gathering.
  6. Basic Incident Scene Operations: Approaches to managing a digital forensic incident scene, including planning and evidence collection.
  7. Data Hiding Techniques: Methods of concealing and detecting hidden data, including file alteration, archives use, encryption, and steganography.
  8. Mobile Device Forensics: Special considerations, challenges, and methodologies for forensic analysis of mobile devices.
  9. Digital Forensic Tools: short Introduction to various mobile digital forensic tools such as UFED, XRY, and Oxygen Forensics.
  10. Cloud Data Forensics: Techniques for accessing and analysing data stored in cloud services.
  11. Link Analysis: Methods for analysing connections between data points and visualising communication networks.
  12. Use of Analytics Desktop Tools: Utilizing desktop tools to analyse large data sets from different sources.
  13. Practical Exercises and Case Studies: Hands-on practical exercises and discussing real-world case studies to apply learned skills.
AGT Digital Forensics Foundation 001

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