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Predict, Prevent and Protect rather than Detect & Remediate (3Ps) – Solutions

The old saying “prevention is better than the cure” is an adage that rings true even in the field of cybersecurity. At AGT, we believe that when it comes to cybersecurity the best way forward is the 3Ps: Predict, Prevent and Protect. Our comprehensive plans offer a 360-degree approach to security, ensuring that your organisation is always shielded from harm. These include:


Endpoint Defence and Response

Proactive Endpoint Protection:  Unique protection based on AI/Deep learning that reduces threat and attack vectors, with zero-time threat prevention. This solution offers multi-layered protection and has a 99% accuracy rate on unknown malware, with 0.001% false positives.

Zero Trust / Encryption: Protect your unstructured data whether at rest or in-transit with a leading encryption solution that is ahead of the competition. It requires no username, password, server-side software and features decentralised architecture, with no central key server to attack. You can securely share files without any third-party software and there is no change of user workflow. It works with or without an internet connection.

Endpoint Monitoring: Endpoint monitoring involves tracking and analysis of devices to identify and defend against security threats. Every endpoint added to your network increases the risk of a cyberattack. Monitoring endpoints helps you to defend against malicious actors.


Network Defence & Response: Protect your entire network and remote worker by implementing Deep Learning NDR. This solution requires no token, no SMS and no server and offers 20Gb/s detection throughput and a 96% reduction in business impact. False positive rates are 0.03%. With a detection speed of 125ms and a 100% detection efficacy, this service allows you to prevent zero-day attacks before the bad guys are in.

Continuous Compromise Assessment: Continuously secure your enterprise and be alerted of any possible IoC. This solution enables you to measure your unique compromise levels, using your own network metadata. It will collect, normalize and analyse a wide range of network metadata, including DNS, Netflows, Proxy and Firewall Access Logs and Spambox. This allows for identification of devices that are in communication with adversaries, so that you can measure compromise continuously in real-time and test your strategy.

Surface Attack Management: Manage your attack surface from a hacker’s view in an online non-intrusive manner. Attack Surface Management and Multi- Attack Simulation ensure that all your internet facing IP(s) are secure and have no vulnerabilities. It offers visibility of your entire attack surface, particularly the unknown, abandoned and unmanaged assets that attackers seek as easy points of entry.


Application / Online Fraud

Mobile App Security: Allow us to take care of your mobile app security and provide you with a detailed status overview and reports that will ensure that your app is secure. This assessment allows you to check your application’s security before it is released to play or app stores, with a detailed vulnerability, compliance and fixes report that allows you to immediately address all exploits. If you have already released your app, don’t worry – just give us the application name and we will take care of the rest.

Account Take Over/Fraud Prevention: This is a new approach to validating users and customers identity that allows you to identify and protect your organisation and customers from fraud and account take over practices. This solution is integrated with deep/dark web where all ATO data resides – using this to identify whether a customer or an employee account has been exposed and to provide an on-boarding process.

Dark Web Solutions: Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence with monitoring of cyberattacks across the Dark Web, the Deep Web, fraudster-to-fraudster social media conversations and other digital channels. This includes use cases around brand protection, VIP protection and the integration of the same with your Incident response process.


Digital Forensics Incident Response

DFIR: Complete End to End DFIR solutions including Consulting Services, Training, Leading H/W and S/W DF Solutions to help you build inhouse Digital Forensics Solutions.

Mobile Phone DFIR: Solutions for Mobile Phone security that will enable you to investigate whether a mobile device has been hacked and, if so, identify the impact of the hack. This includes access to threat intelligence and tools that will enable your team to perform mobile DFIR and threat hunting.

Crash Forensics: Crash forensics allows you to detect attackers’ mistakes when they target you. Attackers may find a way to bypass your security controls, but they can’t avoid making mistakes. With crash forensics, you will produce threat intelligence from crashes and identify attacks, tools, malware, and exploits that is almost impossible to find in any other way.

Detection of Zero-days: This involves the detection of zero-day attacks and persistent threats based on the behaviour patterns of the malware, spyware, or the virus when it interacts with your systems.


Linux/Web Scripts

Polymorphing Technology: Secure and protect your operating systems and web-facing scripting technologies from zero-day attacks, vulnerabilities and other types of attacks immediately. Polymorphing your Linux and CMS scripts will provide full-stack protection and thereby ensure that vulnerabilities can’t be exploited.


Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Next Generation SOAR: With Next Generation SOAR, you can manage the entire case cycle from detection to response and mitigation with the only SOAR platform that has more than 200 out-of-the-box integration adapters, codeless playbooks and MITRE ATT&CK botnet. This is the only SOAR Platform to operationalize the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix – the world’s largest knowledgebase of adversary behaviours.