AGT Advanced German Technology

Founded in Berlin over two decades ago, AGT is a premier German security solutions provider with a strong consultancy focus and expert capabilities for system integration. AGT has a mandate to bring the latest developments to clients worldwide, enabling the transfer of advanced security technology.

Since its inception, AGT has fostered an enviable reputation as leading security experts, offering bespoke technologies and tailored security solutions. AGT is the lead consultancy of the largest Digital Forensics Laboratory in Europe, the Middle East and Africa region, and continues to garner international acclaim for its work through its third decade in the field of security.

AGT has developed an reputation and international acclaim as leading security experts, offering bespoke technologies and tailored security solutions.

Our Mission

To deliver state-of-the-art security technology and timely, world-class turnkey solutions to our clients worldwide, with a prime focus on Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and to provide exceptional service through our experienced consultants, using proven tools and methodologies.

Protecting the Environment

At AGT, we recognize the importance of environmental sustainability by promoting energy efficiency and reducing the impact of all business processes. We continue to seek new and innovative ways to protect the environment. Our security solutions are underpinned with green principles in design – AGT’s data center model, for example, is powered 100% by green energy. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We acknowledge a moral obligation to contribute to the development of future generations, and actively encourage our staff to engage with the communities that surround them. More specifically, AGT sponsors four of the most outstanding Arabic IT trainees to attend the AGT Security Academy in Europe, where they can qualify to receive a master’s degree in Digital Forensics. Places for the Academy are hotly contested, and every effort is made to ensure applications include candidates from countries around the world. We relish the opportunity to mentor these students, as they will become future stewards of the cyber security for emerging markets. 


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