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We at AGT are firm believers in the power of hands-on learning and the importance of knowledge transfer. Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that only seasoned investigators and cybersecurity experts can tackle the complex and evolving challenges of today's digital landscape. To meet these demands, we've developed our unique mobile training program, rich in practical, real-world experience.

Why Choose AGT Training?

Since 2001, AGT has been a pivotal player in the industry, dedicatedly serving numerous Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). We've gained deep insights into their specific needs and challenges. At the core of our belief is the conviction that the human element stands as the most crucial asset for any LEA. To empower this human element, we've heavily invested in developing comprehensive, practical training programs. Our courses are vendor-independent, ensuring a diverse and enriched learning environment. In our classrooms, trainees get to work with technologies from multiple vendors, gaining a well-rounded perspective.

Each AGT training session is more than just a course – it's a knowledge-sharing experience. We aim to impart the rich expertise and wisdom of our team to our trainees, ensuring they leave not just educated but empowered. Join the Digital Forensics Champions Club: Embark on a journey with us to become part of an elite group that excels in digital forensics. Join our champions club and arm yourself with the skills to lead in the cybersecurity and digital investigation arena. With AGT, you're not just learning; you're becoming part of a legacy of excellence in digital forensics.

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