AGT Advanced German Technology

Introduction to Digital Forensics in Riyadh: 
Mar 03-07, 2024

Why Attend?

Introduction to digital forensics (DF) is a five-day training course aimed at providing attendants with computer forensics foundation and a good understanding of the digital forensics process, open source tools. The course sets the stage for candidates to later develop their skills and experience and be able to attend advanced courses and pursue official certification.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in gaining knowledge in Computer forensics with good background and understanding of computers.

Course Layout

Module 1 – The Foundation

Module 2 – Digital Forensics Process and Standards

o   Overview of Windows Filesystem Architecture

o   Overview of Windows Operating Systems Architecture

o   Overview of Computer Memory Architecture

o   Introduction on Digital Forensics Process and Standards

o   Evidence Discovery Process

o   Forensics Image Types

o   Evidence Categories

o   Evidence Acquisition Process

Module 3 – Computer Forensics

Module 4 – Network Forensics

o   Filesystem Identification

o   File Carving

o   File Signature Analysis

o   File Analysis

o   Recycle Bin Forensics

o   Log Files, Jump Files and Shortcut Forensics

o   Memory Acquisition and Analysis

o   E-Mail Investigation

o   Browser Investigation

o   File Hashingz

o   TCP/IP Revisit

o   Network Traffic Analysis

o   TCP Streaming and Object Extraction

Module 5 – Mobile Forensics

Module 6 – Anti-Forensics and Forensics Report Writing

o   Overview of iOS and Android

o   Mobile Forensics in iOS and Android

o   Overview of Anti-Forensics Techniques

o   Digital Forensics Report Structure and Writing Style

Common Questions

AGT advanced digital forensics course provides hands-on and lab exercises both on computer and mobile

AGT has a different course dedicated for Incident Response. This course is not an Incident Response course.

This is an introduction course targeted for people with no previous knowledge in digital forensics. Custom and more advanced topics are offered under a different program at AGT

The training day at AGT is 4 hours of classroom training with 30 minutes coffee and lunch break which brings the total training hours  to 4.5 hours.

Training usually starts at 11:00AM from Sunday to Thursday

Candidates gets an AGT completion certificate

The course will accelerate your certification process, applying for international certification follows the rules and requirements of the various certification bodies and is dependent on the candidate capabilities and time to pursue such certification.

AGT Digital Forensics Foundation 002