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Revolutionize Your Digital Forensics Skills with AI-Powered Tools in Riyadh: 
April 21-25, 2024

Why Attend?

Dear Law Enforcement Agencies,

For the first time in the Middle East and Africa, an unparalleled opportunity awaits you in Riyadh – the pulsating heart of the region’s largest economy. We are excited to invite you to a groundbreaking training program designed to elevate your digital forensic capabilities to a whole new level.

Detego Learning offers multiple training modules, delivered in person, online and through our self-paced learning platform to ensure teams get the most out of their investment in Detego technology.

The training courses cover the fundamentals of digital forensics and use cases, and provide a detailed look at how investigators can rapidly extract, analyse and report on data from 1,000s of digital devices including phones, computers, smart devices and loose media.

Our modules come with practical assessments, demonstrations, and examinations to ensure each student walks away with actionable new skills. Trainees will showcase their knowledge through simulated investigations, and collect feedback to help accelerate their academic outcomes.

Each successful student will also receive full certification from Detego, to prove they’re ready to thrive in the Digital Forensics landscape.


Join us, and propel your forensic capabilities into a new era. The future of digital investigation is here, and it starts in Riyadh.


DETEGO Certified Training Course!

To confirm your registration & for more details, please contact us at:
+966 53 830 6943