AGT Advanced German Technology

AGT Launches a Forensic Voice Comparison
Academy in Saudi Arabia

Phonexia’s long-term integration partner, AGT, a leading German security solutions provider specializing in digital forensics for over 20 years, has recently expanded its educational and training offerings to Saudi Arabia.

Leveraging its extensive expertise in digital forensics, accumulated from years of delivering bespoke security solutions worldwide, AGT launched a comprehensive training academy in Riyadh this January.

This move creates a unique opportunity for professionals to explore the field of digital forensics in Saudi Arabia.

The AGT Academy aims to empower a broad spectrum of professionals, from digital forensic investigators to legal experts, by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of digital evidence.

Part of the academy’s offering is a multi-day, hands-on training course that utilizes our highly accurate forensic software, Phonexia Voice Inspector, for unbiased, language-independent forensic voice comparisons.

This course supports criminal investigations and court evidence.

The academy emphasizes a comprehensive and practical approach, ensuring attendees gain a profound understanding of forensic voice comparison. This includes proficiency in using Phonexia Voice Inspector and applying this knowledge effectively in their fields.

Due to its popularity, the academy’s dedicated training module on Phonexia Voice Inspector sells out quickly.

We encourage you to secure your spot as soon as possible to benefit from AGT’s digital forensics expertise and Phonexia’s leading software in forensic voice comparison analysis.

The next available slot for this highly popular course is in May 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in digital forensics with the experts at AGT Academy.