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Oxygen Forensic® Extraction in a Box (XiB): May 26-30, 2024

Why Attend?

Designed for students entering the mobile forensic arena, this course is tailored for those ready to embark on the journey of extracting data from phones or seeking to enhance their existing knowledge of Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. Join us for an immersive learning experience that combines the art and science of digital forensics in the vibrant city of Riyadh.
The course focuses on the physical, logical, and OxyAgent methods of data extraction from Android, iOS, and other devices (drone, UICC, SD card) using the Oxygen Forensic® Extractor, a component of the Oxygen Forensic® Detective.
Other topics covered include bypassing screen lock pins, passcodes, and swipe patterns; using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands; upgrading and downgrading firmware and application versions, and brute force attacking secure start protection against FDE (full disk encryption) and FBE (file-based encryption).

OFBC – Oxygen Forensic® Extraction in a Box (XiB) – 4-day class

  • Field of Study – Specialized Knowledge
  • Advanced Preparation – None
  • Prerequisites – No prerequisites required
  • Program Level – Basic
  • Delivery Method – Classroom

Install and Support

This module provides an overview of Oxygen Forensic® Extractor and mobile device forensics and extraction. Students will learn about the objectives of the course from A-Z including installing unsigned device drivers, using ADB commands, configuring Extractor for best success and maintaining data integrity..

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Where to Begin

When a device lands at your feet, the next step is research. The information you determine about the device helps drive your interaction with its data extraction process. The research may involve websites, phone labels, internal information and identification marks or ports.

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Oxygen Forensic® Extractor

This module provides an overview of the Oxygen Forensic® Extractor interface – students become familiar with the following interface options: Exploits, Restorations, Device Support, and Extraction hashing.

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Device Extraction

This module educates students about how to get started with the Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. Students will learn how to create an iTunes backup of an Apple device and how to prepare an Android device for multiple extractions.

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In this module, students will import data from previously extracted devices and begin familiarizing themselves with the OFD interface and workflows that lead them directly to the most commonly sought‐after investigation information.

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Oxygen Forensic® Extraction in a Box (XiB)