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DEEP DIVE DC 004 – Energy Supply & Air Conditioning in Accordance with EN 50600


Seminar Overview:

Unlock the secrets to efficient data center operations with our expert-led seminar focused on the critical components of energy supply and air conditioning. Learn how to enhance system reliability and efficiency in line with EN 50600 standards, which are crucial for the high-availability data centers that power today’s digital transformation


What You Will Learn:

– Energy Supply Strategies: Explore complex power delivery systems to ensure continuous, uninterrupted energy flow. Discover grounding, EMC concepts, and advanced measurement techniques to enhance reliability and prevent failures.

– Advanced Air Conditioning Techniques: Dive into cooling strategies that go beyond basic temperature management. Understand different cooling technologies including chilled water, direct expansion, and hybrid systems, and learn how to apply them effectively to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

– Hands-On Practical Application: Through practical exercises and case studies, apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, solving actual problems to solidify your learning and enhance your practical skills.


Seminar Features:

– Interactive Workshops: Engage in workshops that blend theoretical learning with practical applications, providing a hands-on approach to solving typical data center challenges.

– Case Studies: Learn from detailed case studies that highlight best practices and innovative approaches to data center management.

– Expert-Led Sessions: Gain insights from industry leaders with extensive experience in data center infrastructure.


Learning Objectives:

– Understand critical concepts of energy supply and air conditioning in data centers.

– Master best practices for optimizing data center operations.

– Translate learned concepts into practice through interactive workshops and real-life case studies.


Seminar Content:

– In-depth analysis of air conditioning and cooling technologies.

– Comprehensive review of energy supply systems and their impact on operational efficiency.

– Techniques for preventive error detection and troubleshooting to increase fail-safety.

– Insights into metrics and KPIs critical for managing electricity and climate systems.

– Practical exercises on grid form analysis, selectivity consideration, and thermodynamics.


Who Should Attend?
This seminar is tailored for data center professionals including operations managers, ICT managers, project managers, and anyone interested in deepening their understanding of data center energy supply and air conditioning systems.


Seminar Details:

– Dates: December 9, 2024 – December 13, 2024

– Location: Riyadh

– Price: SAR 26,450.00 (including VAT)


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Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your expertise and bring your data center operations to the next level. Gain the knowledge and skills to optimize your infrastructure, ensuring it meets the rigorous demands of today’s digital economy.


DEEP DIVE DC 004 – Energy Supply & Air Conditioning in Accordance with EN 50600

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