AGT – Technology

‘AGT provides state of the art encryption solutions to ensure that your data systems cannot be breached.’

As the world becomes increasingly inter-connected, old security threats are evolving and new ones are emerging. Cybercrime is on the rise, and shows no signs of slowing down. No matter how secure our internal networks, communication infrastructures are the sensitive nerve pathways of our society and data breaches can result in catastrophic losses for any organisation. For this reason, you need to extend the protection you take for granted internally in order to shield critical data from unauthorised access, manipulation and the serious consequences that may result from a breach.

Today´s information systems still lack efficient protection against both external and internal threats. Encryption of your own communication as well as identification and analysis of data from suspect sources is critical to maintaining security in a modern business climate.

Targeted malware attacks and data leakages remain the most visible examples of these increasing threats. The time for a more comprehensive approach to endpoint security is long overdue.  Comprehensive 360° security concepts have become essential to ensuring that your data remains safe.

AGT provides the most comprehensive security solutions available to government agencies, law enforcement and businesses. Our encryption solutions offer the highest level of protection against attacks, data-leakage and wiretapping, and assure a comprehensive state of the art security infrastructure as a fully automatic solution. We use post-quantum encryption algorithms to ensure that your data is secure.

Secure Your Data – And Your Organisation

Keep your communication secure with our fully encrypted software and hardware communication platform.

In the digital age, cybercrime is becoming the greatest threat to your business. For clients with high security concerns, we offer on premises solutions so that you can take full control of your data.

On-Site Server

Manage the physical security of your data by having complete control of your server hardware.

Post-Quantum Algorithms

Safeguard your assets with post-quantum encryption algorithms.

Source Code Visibility

Source code visibility will enable you to run internal audits to find backdoors and vulnerabilities.

Knowledge Transfer

We offer our clients a full knowledge transfer, so that your technical team has the know-how to adjust the software’s source code.

Cloud Based Software Platform

Our cloud-based software uses leading encryption technology to provide you with a secure platform for all of your business needs. This platform is linked to our own secure server and can be used to meet online with colleagues, contractors or suppliers, to exchange data and collaborate in real-time, with peace of mind that your information is secure.

Encrypted Devices

The secure devices that we offer, including PC and smartphones, are designed with a non-standard operating system, making them less susceptible to malware, and will perceive potential threats and block any cyberattack on their systems.

Secure Server With this option, we offer a secure on-site server so that you have full control over your server hardware. Our specialists will offer your team a full knowledge transfer to allow you to modify the software’s source code as necessary.