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Data Center Design & Auditing: EN 50600 and TSI.STANDARD by TÜVIT


About the Seminar:

In today’s digital landscape, data centers are vital for maintaining business continuity and handling crucial data processes.
This seminar offers detailed training on the foundational standards for designing and auditing data centers: the European EN 50600 and TÜVIT’s TSI. STANDARD.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Standards Coverage: Learn about EN 50600, Europe’s first comprehensive standard for all aspects of data center functionality, focusing on availability, security, and energy efficiency. We also provide an overview of major international standards including ISO/IEC 22237-X.

-TÜVIT’s TSI.STANDARD: Gain insights into this vendor-neutral approach for evaluating and certifying high-availability data center infrastructures, recognized internationally as a benchmark for data center quality and reliability.

Expert-Led Insights: Our seminar is directly connected to the ISO/IEC 22237 working group, offering you the latest information and developments, ensuring your learning is current and applicable.

Practical Application: Engage in hands-on design exercises and group work to apply what you learn in real-world scenarios.

Learning Objectives:

– Master the application of EN 50600 in data center design.

– Understand certification requirements and process specifics.

– Grasp the legal implications and operational standards required by EN 50600.

Seminar Content Highlights:

– Optimal site selection and data center layout planning.

– Designing robust redundancy and availability models.

– Planning for reliable power supplies and efficient cooling solutions.

– Implementing structured IT cabling solutions.

– Emphasizing the importance of business and risk analysis in alignment with EN 50600.

Who Should Attend:

This seminar is designed for professionals in the data center field, including operations managers, ICT managers, project managers, consultants, architects, building planners, equipment suppliers, and installers. Enhance your skills and prepare for future challenges in data center design and operation.

Expert Speakers:

Benefit from the wealth of knowledge provided by our team of industry-leading professionals. Each brings extensive field experience, up-to-date industry insights, and excellent didactic skills to the seminar.

Date and Location:

14.10.2024 – 18.10.2024, Frankfurt am Main

SAR 26,500 (including VAT)

Elevate your professional capabilities in data center design and auditing by joining us for this comprehensive seminar. Secure your spot today and stay ahead in the field!

Data Center Design & Auditing DC002

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