AGT’s approach to IT security consultancy is focused on achieving business transformation with our collective expertise. This includes various sectors, such as military, defense, finance, international business, and telecommunications. Our consultants are based in 7 international locations. They work with project teams around the globe and contribute best practice insights using proven tools and methodologies. They thrive on the challenge of problem solving and are scrupulous about maintaining currency of their knowledge.

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We undertake a thorough needs analysis for each project and then adopt a holistic approach in planning, design, and implementation. Tailored turnkey security is enabled by partnering with world-class technology providers, delivered to international standards.

AGT provides is a single point of contact when dealing with several suppliers:

system integration

AGT ensures that knowledge transfer is sustained by high-impact training courses in advanced Cyber-Security, encryption, and digital forensics. Our training is internationally recognized and continuously updated to ensure accuracy and relevancy. Delegates from around the world have the opportunity to obtain theoretical, practical, and live example experience using the most effective and modern industry tools and techniques. These are demonstrated in specialized work-shops and laboratory environments in Europe and other locations across the globe.

Our regularly conducted international workshops offer custom tailored training in the very latest interception, encryption, cyber security, and digital forensics techniques and practices. Our programs are uniquely designed to cater to both government and IT professionals working in private and public sectors.

Each workshop covers extensive theoretical courses, hands on training by our international senior experts, as well as real life examples and simulations customized to our clients’ individual needs.

AGT takes IT Security training further than any other company in the region by offering on-site mentoring in clients’ work environment to assist in the transition from theory to the dynamic challenges of real-world investigations.

Years of practice and experience have allowed us to perfect our training methods, assuring cost efficiency and maximum knowledge transfer to our clients.

The planning, construction, and operation of IT infrastructure for mission-critical applications in reliable data centers represents a real challenge to this day. More is required than just choosing the right IT equipment to satisfy an individual company’s requirements. There are various other factors which need to be considered, such as building design and size, electric wiring, waste, heat, ventilation equipment, availability, as well as acquisition and operating costs.

The ongoing development and integration of information technology in all areas of business means that today no company can afford this technology to fail. Almost without exception, a power supply failure in industry and business leads to collective incapacity.

Only a few years ago many organizations were able to “survive” an IT infrastructure outage of several hours, but today the number of companies for whom continuous IT availability is essential is growing steadily. According to a study by the Meta Group, a 10 day breakdown of key IT systems can cause such lasting damage to an organization that there is a 50% chance it will disappear from the market within the next five years.

Structured and competent planning is fundamental if you want a truly comprehensive security system. Therefore, we always start by identifying any potential risk which then enables us to offer customized security goals and solutions to our customers.

AGT’s team of professional services consultants has well over 30 years combined data center experience, including integrated circuit design as well as Tier IV data center commissioning.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • Data center design consulting
  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Construction
  • Communications infrastructure

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