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“ AGT provides comprehensive encryption solutions for our customers worldwide. ”

Just as important as identifying and analyzing voice and data from suspect sources, encryption of your own communication is critical in today’s business climate.

However secure our internal networks, it is important to remember that communication infrastructures are the sensitive nerve pathways of our information society and that poor protection of them can lead to monumental financial losses in the global economy. So, you need to extend the protection you take for granted internally in order to shield critical data from unauthorized access, manipulation, and potential serious consequences.

Today´s information systems still lack efficient protection against both outsider and insider threats. Both encryption of your own communication and identifying and analyzing data from suspect sources is critical to maintaining security in a modern business climate.

“ AGT provides comprehensive encryption solutions for our customers worldwide. ”

Targeted malware attacks and data leakages are the most visible examples of these increasing threats. The time has come for a more comprehensive approach to endpoint security. Today, IT and communication infrastructures are shared, distributed, and heterogeneous. Comprehensive 360° security concepts have become essential, yet they should not add extra complexity or limitations in use.

Our encryption solutions offer an all new level of protection against attacks, data-leakage, and wiretapping, and assure a comprehensive state of the art security infrastructure as a fully automatic solution.

AGT offers the latest state of the art solutions to provide comprehensive protection of data according to its security requirements, whether at rest, or in traffic, and anytime during its lifecycle. These include:

Data Encryptions

  • VPN Solutions
  • Data Leakage Prevention in Trusted Virtual Domains

Mobile Phone Encryptions

  • Software (4G or GSM)
  • Hardware

Landline and Fax Encryptions

Software 4G VoIP

Our software-based encryption methods are established on international AES standards and are approved for the highest US security classification levels to prevent any man in the middle attack, allowing two parties with no prior knowledge of each other to establish a shared secret key over an insecure communications channel.

Using your Smart Phone, I-phone, or PDA, you will be capable of using 4G network connections in a secured way, to connect with your partners via a “VoIP” connection without a third party being able to tap you.

Landline Hardware

However secure our internal networks, it is important to remember that communication infrastructures are the sensitive nerve pathways of our information society and that poor protection of them can lead to monumental financial losses in the global economy. This should be sufficient reason to shield critical data from unauthorized access, manipulation, and the serious consequences these may result in.

AGT’s encryption and authentication system standard protects connections from unauthorized access, targeted manipulation, and tapping. Our server solution encrypts up to 64 B-channels simultaneously. Its ease of usability guarantees one-click security for all connections. The use of ISDN and VoIP complies with the highest security requirements regarding confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity.

  • Secure key exchange protocol requires minimal effort for certification
  • New mode of operation (OCFB) for more efficient symmetric encryption
  • Complies with high security requirements and scalable security levels
  • Verifiable due to an open system architecture
  • Employing public encryption methods (e.g. AES and ElGamal)
  • Direct connection of ISDN and VoIP units
  • Secure against both passive and active attacks

Landline Software

The primary mode is based on the well-known Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocols and supports keys up to 2048 bits.

The advanced model is based on PSKE, an authenticated key exchange protocol based on DSS and ElGamel with keys up to 4096 bits in length. The protocol is proven to be secure against both passive and active attacks. This is a landmark achievement for an ISDN encryption device.

Secure key exchange protocols require certificates to verify the correctness of established session keys. With IKEP a novel method to authenticate keys and the effort required for certification, is greatly reduced. The user is not required to register in person.

The modern key management integrates seamlessly with PGP and X509.

Data Encryption

VPN Hardware / Software

AGT is the first vendor worldwide to combine ultimate security with extreme simplicity within a VPN solution. This establishes a landmark for a change towards a 4th generation (4G) in this technology.

The implementation utilizes an integrated security chip, standardized as “Trusted Platform Module” (TPM) which securely generates encryption key pairs and reliably ‘tamper protects’ the private key part. Using the TPM as ‘trust anchor’ enables the Trusted Boot implementation, making it impossible to manipulate the system’s software or to attack its integrity. It will autonomously establish their VPN tunnels according to the requirements derived from the central configuration database. They will also provide certain router and firewall functionality and can optionally support mobile users employing a VPN software client

  • IPsec protocol
  • Crypto-algorithms (default values):
  • AES-256 encryption
  • SHA-256 hash-procedure
  • Diffie-Hellman KE (4096 Bit)
  • RSA-certificates (4096 Bit)
  • Dead Deer Detection
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
  • NAT-Traversal method
  • Support of dynamical IP-addresses
  • 4x Gbit-Ethernet-Port
  • Throughput (net): 80 Mbit/s

Satellite Encryption


  • Nearly all communication passes through satellite
  • More availability of commercial use of satellite communication
  • Equipment available for anybody and everything but large, or bulky

AGT solution:

  • Our systems allow security authorities timely, complete, and passive monitoring of satellite links, including downstream processing and content filtering
  • We provide a wide range of systems from very small tactical ones to powerful strategic full-service solutions
  • Turnkey solutions for passive detection and analysis of traffic of Inmarsat, Thuraya, VSAT and IsatPhone (DVB-S2/RCS) networks
  • Software packages for automatic monitoring, visualization, and analysis of communication, content filtering, network structures, and places to evaluate the extensive data streams
  • Terminals are not much bigger than standard GSM phones and offer not only the transmission of voice, fax, and data, but also a position intended medium-built GPS

Strategic Intelligence:

  • We offer a powerful and modular solution, combining high channel count and an analysis software with effective filtering capabilities
  • Thanks to the highly integrated assemblies, there is a full frame system of only two 19”racks – customer benefits: low power, small footprint, and low cost of maintenance and spare parts.

The Tactical System

  • With an extremely small and lightweight base unit, the Tactical System is optimized for covert operations in close proximity to the target area. Information can be clarified and processed in real time. By cascading the channel capacity can be flexibly adapted to one’s needs.


  • Very Small Aperture Terminal, antenna diameter on the terminal side is now on typically < 90 cm
  • High mobility of small or handheld devices. May be used to access the Internet in otherwise underserved areas, or for ship and aircraft communication.
  • High bandwidth at relatively low operating cost
  • The use of VSAT services for data transmission and interactive Internet use is on the increase (VoIP, video, e-mail, fax) and therefore makes the information more interesting for Government Agencies

Digital forensics is a division of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices

Digital Forensics Services Offered:

  • High Performance
  • Market Leadership
  • Fully Equipped Forensic Labs
  • Mobile Forensic Trucks
  • Network Forensics
  • Password Recovery
  • Data Decryption
  • Data Encryption

Computer forensics involves the identification, preservation, extraction, documentation, and analysis of computer data. Computer forensic examiners follow clear, well-defined methodologies and procedures that can be adapted for specific situations.

AGT is specialized in IT security and forensic IT investigation and training. With more than 5 years of commercial experience, AGT is considered an expert in these fields. Based on this expert reputation, AGT was approached by several governments in MENA region and entrusted to set-up their national forensic Laboratories. Selection of appropriate hardware and software is the first stage, underpinned by hands-on training and second line support in the field.

The fundamental principle of computer forensic examination is gathering data from systems (computer or network) without altering the data and the appropriate measures observed to ensure this. Even the act of shutting down a computer for it to be transported will necessarily incur changes to the data contained on the system. It is therefore challenging, and a highly specialized task to gather data without impinging on its integrity and to retrieve all data available out of the running or shutdown system. The experienced AGT Computer Forensics Investigators strive to preserve data for clients without intrusion. If required, they can even take the device off-site without turning it off or risking standby mode. To ensure the precision of their investigation, an exact copy of the data (an image) is made on a disk which then is the subject of subsequent examination rather than the original data.

Another key concept is recovery of deleted data or parts thereof. When data is deleted, it is not physically wiped in entirety, but rather the reference to the data is removed while the data itself remains available on the system. By imaging all data existent on a hard disc, instead of just the data identified by the operating system, it may be possible to recover data accidentally or purposefully deleted.

Forensic Hardware

AGT’s formidable digital forensic experience has developed a patented model for a forensic laboratory – one of the most comprehensive, efficient, and fully scalable ones in the market. Key to its success is the speed of work without data corruption.

Our work in this field has been applied to a number of vertical industry sectors, such as marine, retail, comms, and automotive, as well as military and law enforcement bodies.

Our expertise ranges from networking to security implementation, from forensic computer evaluations to evidence processing. In fact, many forensics experts consider our products the most versatile, usable, and durable in the market as they have all been fully field tested to work with the major operating systems and forensic applications, as well as being employed worldwide by law enforcement agencies and the forensic divisions of global corporations.

Our product line is fully upgradable and non-proprietary, which makes it compatible with all major components. Our solutions cover the full product range from standalone examination devices, specialized phone stands, forensically sound cloning devices to faraday boxes with VCD and triage kiosk stands.

Forensic Software

AGT provides forensic computer software utilizing fully-featured packages which enable forensic investigators to image and examine data from: hard disks, removable media (e.g. CDs and floppy disks), Palm PDAs, and cell phones.

Our software solutions are used internationally by law enforcement agencies, which is of importance considering the possibility that a computer forensic investigation may be handed over to the police or relied upon in a court case. AGT can support with a wide array of tools in every niche of a forensic examination. Our product portfolio is substantial and supports the initial evidence gathering on-site, as well as HDD forensic examination, email focused cases, massive drill down of huge data amounts, etc.

Network Forensics

Network Forensics is a subsidiary of digital forensics that relates to the monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic for the purpose of information gathering, legal evidence, or intrusion detection.

There are 3 types of network forensic systems:

  • Catch-it-as-you-can systems whereby all packets passing through certain traffic points are captured and written to storage with analysis being done subsequently in batch mode. This approach requires large amounts of storage.
  • Stop-look-and-listen systems whereby each packet is analyzed in a rudimentary way (in memory) and only certain information is retained for future analysis. This approach relies on a fast processor to deal with incoming traffic.
  • Wireless Forensics Examination describes the capture of data that’s transmitted through the air. With special antennas and the right hard- and software, massive data packages, VoIP traffic mainly, may be obtained as evidence.

Password Recovery

Password recovery is the process of recovering password from data that has been stored in or transmitted by a computer system. A common approach is to repeatedly try guesses for the password. Another common approach is to say that you have “forgotten” the password and then changing it.

The purpose of password cracking might be

  • to help a user recover a forgotten password (though installing an entirely new password is less of a security risk, but involves system administration privileges)
  • to gain unauthorized access to a system
  • or as a preventive measure by system administrators to check for easily crackable passwords

On a file-by-file basis, password cracking is utilized to gain access to digital evidence for which a judge has allowed access but the particular file’s access is restricted.

There are multiple approaches to password recovery, such as:

  • Brute force attacks with hardware accelerators
  • Graphic chips with clustered graphic card solutions
  • Pre-calculated hash tables (Rainbow Tables)

Data Decryption

Encryption is the process of transforming information using an algorithm to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key. Software encryptions can be cracked, but for hardware encryption that is not possible.

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