• 1.1 Objective

    AGT has partnered with a consortium of industry leading companies. AGT-Technology provides a high level technical consultancy and co-ordination services in all areas of training. CyberSecurity Training will be carried out by the AGT Training Academy based in Dubai and/or at vendor facilities in the EU/US where the need arises. Certifications’ specific training will be carried out by AGT/experts authorized trainers.

    The CyberSecurity training courses will be divided into the following Modules:

    • General IT Knowledge Basic Training
    • Cyber Security Training – Basic
    • Cyber Security Training – Intermediate
    • Cyber Security Training – Advanced
    • Analysis & Monitoring
    • Cyber Security Training – Generic

    1.2 Training Plan Overview

    General IT Knowledge Basic Training
    Network Introduction
    Linux Foundation
    Windows Foundation
    Introduction to Mac OSX and OSX Support Essentials
    CompTIA A+ Certification
    Cyber Security Training – Basic
    AGT Starter Guide to Cyber Security
    System and Network Security Introduction
    CompTIA Security+ Certification
    General IT Knowledge Basic Training
    Cyber Security Training – Intermediate
    Defending the Perimeter from Cyber Attacks
    Endpoint Security and Network Access Control
    Penetration Testing: Tools and Techniques
    Vulnerability Assessment: Protecting Your Organization
    Advanced Persistent Threats: Targeted Attacks & Defenses
    Social Engineering Deceptions, Exploits and Defenses
    Cyber Security: Accessibility and Quality
    Cyber Security Training – Advanced
    Securing Web Applications, Services and Servers
    Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge - Plus
    Mobile Application and Device Security
    Advanced Mobile Hacking and Forensic
    Cybersecurity and Analytics
    Certified Incident Handler
    Encase Enterprise for GDPS
    Analysis & Monitoring
    OSINT - Open Source Intelligence
    Data Collection Techniques
    General IT Knowledge Basic Training
    Cyber Security Training – Generic
    Security Awareness by AGT
    CompTIA Social Media Security Professional (SMSP)
    CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
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