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Who we Are

German Technology and Expertise in the Global Market

Founded in Berlin almost a decade ago, AGT is a premier German security solutions provider with strong consultancy focus and deep system integration know how. AGT has a mandate to bring the latest developments to clients in emerging markets, enabling the transfer of advanced European security technology.

AGT Competencies

AGT Security Competencies include:
  • Encryption

  • Digital Forensics

  • Professional Services

AGT partners with world-class technology providers to deliver tailored turnkey security for lawful interception operations, which forms the cornerstone of the business. Additional key competencies include data and voice encryption, as well as digital forensics. AGT has been responsible for developing several National Laboratories in the MENA region.

AGT has a privileged reputation as experts in computer forensics and is well placed to build upon a very successful first decade of business. Several landmark security projects have recently been completed, all of which are reaching the attention of technical professionals in emerging markets. And the group has completed projects in over a dozen countries including Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

  • Our Mission

    To transfer state of the art European security technology to our clients worldwide with a prime focus on the Middle East. Delivering timely, world-class, turnkey solutions with exceptional service through our experienced consultants and proven tools and methodologies.

  • Our Vision

    To be the security partner of choice for discerning IT professionals and technical teams in emerging markets.

  • Core Values

    • Strong Team Work
    • Integrity & Loyalty
    • Competence & Professionalism
    • Time Management & Prioritizing
  • Management Team

    AGT’s Board of Directors is responsible for setting the strategy and ensuring implementation. They regularly review operations and financial performance against risk mitigation policies. The Managing Director reports to the Board of Directors in Berlin and is responsible for AGT’s day to day operations.
    AGT has a lean organizational structure with teams of senior experts maintaining black box principles for consultancy on every project.

  • Protecting the Environment

    AGT recognizes the importance of sustaining the environment by promoting energy efficiency and reducing the impact of all business processes. We continue to search for new and innovative ways to protect the environment. Every effort is made to adhere to green principles in design – for example, AGT achieves 100% green management in our data centre model.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    We acknowledge a moral obligation to contribute to the development of future generations and actively encourage our staff to engage with the communities that surround them. More specifically, AGT sponsors 4 of the most outstanding Arabic IT trainees to attend the AGT Security Academy in Europe, where they can qualify to receive a master’s degree in Digital Forensics. Places for the Academy are hotly contested, and every effort is made to ensure applications include candidates from countries around the globe.We relish mentoring these students as they will become future stewards of the IT security for emerging markets.

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