Advanced German Technology – Information Security is important for your organization

AGT is an independently managed premier European Cyber Security provider with a global client base.

Today’s technology develops very rapidly and threats to security are becoming more complex. AGT consults to support clients in evaluating the latest cutting edge technologies that are applicable in the market. Although our services are best used at an enterprise level, we take as much care and deliver as much expertise whether a single niche solution is required or an entire system integration project. Our intention is to partner longterm with customers, helping them to avoid the evolving dangers of hackers, malware and backdoor
intrusion. That way, we ensure delivery of real value and functionality.

Trusted by many central banks to protect accounts from fraud and identity theft, AGT is also relied upon by intelligence agencies and governments requiring national security solutions. IT is becoming ever more vital to organizational stability, so IT professionals must adopt strategies to be more vigilant and adaptive to meet these threats. Our experience means that we don’t just mitigate risks but ensure operational continuity. That way, our clients can focus on growing their business, leaving our consultants in seven global locations to deliver the secure base that allows them to do so.